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Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of visual music in Virtual Reality? So, keep calm, put on the headset and enjoy. 

As a viewer, you very slowly (almost unnoticeably) levitate across the scene, with the musician playing the Handpan drum in the center and the crowd moving around the musician’s stage. The bustling central London crowd is set in contrast with the calm music and voice of the musician. The style of modelling is ornamental, and the cool colours (clean neon) represent night life in Leicester Square, where the artist usually performs. With the help from university technicians and staff, I was able to collect Motion capture data of the Musician playing the Handpan. This is an experimental piece where I am trying to learn ways in which ornamental modelling can operate in harmony with the music, keeping the style of the animation coherent. 


Install instructions

Download all contents and open the file that says 'press play'. 


portrait.zip 336 MB

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